Top Christmas toy present for boys and girls this year



Christmas, thus, is the season every little boys and girls are waiting for – waiting for their presents! And Christmas is really fast approaching. Have you decided yet what to give to your kids? Well then a recent study from the National Retail Federation might just what you need.

Lately, NRF release a survey listing the top 10 most popular Christmas gifts for boys and girls. 79.7% of the participants said they were sure enough to know what gifts to buy. The data then was used to compile a list showing the top 10 most popular toys.

It might be a shock to you, but Barbie is no longer the top most popular gift for girls during Christmas but rather dolls in general. And though toy cars and video games have the highest say for boys, the survey says boys no. 1 toys is a little less high speed.

Top 10 most popular gifts for girls
1. Disney’s Frozen (20%)
2. Barbie (16.8%)
3. Dolls (10.7%)
4. Monster High Dolls (5.2%)
5. American Girl (3.8%)
6. LEGO (3.1%)
7. Tablets (3%)
8. My Little Pony (2.1%)
9. Disney’s Doc Mcstuffins (1.9%)
10. Apparel (1.8%)

Top 10 most popular gifts for boys:
1.LEGO (14.2%)
2.Cars and Trucks (8.1%)
3.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (7.7%)
4.Video Games (7.5%)
5. Hot Wheels (4.6%)
6. Xbox One (4.4%)
7. PlayStation 4 (4.2%)
8. Transformers (3.5%)
9. Remote Controlled Vehicles (2.7%)
10. A tie between Marvel Action Figures and Tablets (2.3%)

So many things have changed. And so are the gifts little kids want to have.