Of Disconnections and Quality Service



bannerLet’s be honest, being a subscriber we do need quality service, and PLDT’s way of handling with its customer satisfaction proved to be another milestone to their mishaps with the company’s internal structure.

If you haven’t read the previous article stating how devious PLDT is to their employees you can check it out here.

The reason why service and employees have this similar bond is the fact that it all lies to the internal structure itself. Think about it, if you have are giving your customers crappy service then it is probably the internal structure of the company itself crumbling down.

For instance, how can you prove to be a reliable company, if you can’t even give your employees better wages? If the internal structure sucks, then you say good bye to good quality service.  This issue has surfaced yet again, with the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) experiencing some technical issues with their phone lines. Imagine yourself lining up in the lines in the long hours of the morning, only to find out that the processing for passports will be cut short due to their phone outages.

Although it is acceptable if a so called disconnection happens on a residential block, but on a commercial or government entity we’ll they should be embarrassed of themselves.

Who is to blame? If the government is paying quality money in return for high service and in the end PLDT gives crappy service, then pretty much everything in the system is all screwed-up. In the United States, service downtime happens rarely. And in the Philippines you experience it almost twice or thrice a month. Disconnection services happen every now and then and PLDT has did nothing to do about it. Aside from laying off their employees, then they too should try to compensate by giving quality service to the masses.