Philippines Has The Slowest Connection in the World, Thanks to PLDT


According to reports based from the latest survey, the Philippines stand out having the worse speed internet connection from Southeast Asia capping in at 3.52 Mbps. Currently, the Philippines ranks in at 158th out of 190th almost at the bottom.

Other countries beating the Philippines are its neighbours in the ASEAN region with Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and Malaysia. Considering the fact that the Philippines is far more superior than Cambodia in terms of economic progress,  Cambodia manages to outranked the Philippines capping in at 5.7Mbps. That’s pretty ironic for a country like Cambodia that manages to surpass the Philippines.

An anonymous user have posted his outrage over the social network site Facebook comparing PLDT to PLDC, that stands for Philippine Long Dis-Connection, a slang which netizens term for their practically poor handling in internet connections. With numerous subscribers, PLDC can’t even cope-up with its subscribers and in the end has one of the poorest services in the world.