PLDT Has a Dictatorship Policy Choking Its Subscribers



In the past months, we have talked about how PLDT is using the art of deception luring their users with tempting prize and in the end broke their hearts with their false promises. This time around, we have reports that PLDT is now using their new found deception techniques to their Ultera line. For those of you who haven’t known what Ultera is, it is actually part of PLDT Home Bro that gives users with speeds of up to 10mbps depending on your plan.

If you think it is a great sounding deal? Then probably it is. But for the case of an anonymous subscriber name FinalSynFrey, matters headed for a wrong turn. According to him, he is already a PLDT subscriber and went to their office to ask for an upgrade from PLDT Ultera to DSL/Fibr. However, the customer representative told him that he has to DISCONNECT his Ultera plan and pay for the remaining 21 months before he can apply for a DSL / Fibr upgrade. So that means, he has to pay 20K for the remaining 21 months of unused service before he can apply for an upgrade.

It seems that PLDT’s policy is making its subscribers uneasy with these sorts of policy and money making schemes of the company. First of all, most companies never ever charged a single cent if you plan on upgrading from a service.  Which leads us to this question on why would a subscriber pay the rest of his unused subscription just for an upgrade?

We’ll dear readers, it is up to you to be informed of their deceptive tactics. It is time to open-up and don’t be fooled again for this type of trap and misinformation. As a warning, please read their fine print and don’t be swayed by their deals. Be a vigilant consumer and ask question before signing their money grabbing contract.

PLDT has done it again, from their false promises of prizes, to throttling internet speeds with their nasty small sized fine print. This company is deceiving and yet still manages to attract subscribers to their services. This has got to stop!