PLDT Held Hostage the Internet



The last time we posted about PLDT was their questionable routing with the internet over HKIX. We’ll at least some concerned citizens have already expressed their grief on the current situation and have taken the matter on their own hands. By doing a simple speed test, you can quickly check the path where PLDT‘s speed is coming from.


From the image above, you can see that PLDT is connecting to HKIX or known as the Hong Kong Internet Exchange with an actual speed of 0.24MBPS.  If PLDT have tapped into the The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) PHOpenIX’s then we could have direct access to the internet without suffering any performance downtime.

According to Escudero, he had asked the NTC to check into the reports of PLDT on why they refuse to establish direct peering with their competitors indicating that this type of practice is a monopolistic business practice. PLDT has already done this in the past and currently they are on a roll acquiring businesses piece by piece, and bribing their way up to the judicial system to keep a blind eye with their pending cases.

Even up today, many customers have already expressed their grief and annoyance in social media with the harsh reality they are facing today. PLDT is making the internet as its hostage. A hostage in the sense that they are exploiting it with their own devious With the government having no control of their doings.

Truly, Escudero’s words are a testament that we subscribers of PLDT should wakeup from this foolish nightmare. The Philippines currently ranks 21 out of 22, as the country with the slowest internet connection speed. Something that we Filipinos shouldn’t be proud of.