PLDT’s Cyberya Fiasco and How it Deceives its Participants



PLDT always finds ways in avoiding conflicts with their customers, with the use of ignorance, intimidations and scare tactics. These type of conflicts always happen every now and then and it seems that PLDT just don’t give an eye when it comes to customer relationships.

Take for the example the case of a blogger Emilliana Sison, who was deliberately stripped out of her winnings with PLDT promising a Cyberya Negosyo Package to a lucky winner. Unfortunately to PLDT’s deceiving tactics of the prize money, it ended-up with intimidation and arrogance in handing out the prize money to their winners.

In a blog post by the latter, she has stated that PLDT continuously ignored all of her plea of justice through constant SMS, Facebook notification, emails and through PLDT employees who still continue to give a blind eye to her issue.

According to the blogger, the contest she join, entitles her to get a free 2-month experience running a PLDT Cyberya negosyo, with the business having a similar context with a piso net business that you see in the streets. She already raised her concern to PLDT, in which the company asked her to pay for the DSL line subscription. In which, it is clearly stated by her winnings that she is entitled to have a 3 month free internet connection.

To make matters worse, PLDT revised the contest mechanics to include an 8-week writing challenge. The mechanics will include weekly prizes to be won by bloggers and to win another Cyberya unit at the end of 2 months. And a certain Norman Padilla of DigitalFCB informs her via SMS that the Cyberya unit will be scrapped out of the mechanics.

Talk about a sense of deceiving its customers or worse, changing the mechanics in favor for them.  If PLDT can outsmart its consumers through false promises like the one they did in Bohol, then certainly how much more for a blogger?

You can check out the whole story here.