PLDT’s Poor Customer Service Continues this Christmas


As the holiday rush kicks in, PLDT still hasn’t stop their madness from slowing down their services. According to some users in they have reported that PLDT is giving them a hard time with their problems regarding customer satisfaction.

Here are some of PLDT’s poor customer service feedback from different users.

Take for this instance of one tipidpc member who complains about their PLDT services. This user complained about 4 days of disruptions with no dial tone.


And another user even complained that even though they already disconnected their landline and internet. Still, PLDT bills them outrageously. Talk about poor customer and system services.


And another user who did a SpeedTest showing abysmal PLDT connection speed. Which is obviously the one of the many never-ending user complaints that they usually have everyday which they are not addressing the issue.


Another user also lamented his experience about bad rewiring with PLDT cable man doing much damage than correcting the problem. The cable man said that the wires needed to be fixed, however there are charges needed to be added and he must not tell PLDT about the problem when he calls.


Those are just one of the ironies of PLDT consumers experiencing every day. Even worse they are expecting this to happen on the month of December.

Definitely Christmas comes early for PLDT users and there is no stopping the PLDT Grinch from spoiling their customers Christmas spirit.