PLDT’s Triple Play is Triple the Problem: Serious Billing Problems



PLDT has long treated its customers with rubbish, from scamming contestants from their winnings to giving utterly poor internet services the rest continues on. This time around, it happened to one of a customer from PLDT.

The story goes like this, this particular PLDT customer is already subscribed to a plan 3 MBPS with a price at 999.00 for a monthly service fee with a 700.00 for the landline service. Everything seemed normal until one day a PLDT customer representative called at their place asking if they want to subscribe to a PLDT Triple Play with Cignal Plan. The customer declined for the upgrade and the representative backed down. Knowing that there was no upgrade happening, the customer thought that his monthly bill was still the same.


However, when he received his bill payment he was shocked to see that he owes PLDT with PHP 4,297.57. That is massive 2000+ increase on his bill. There was no CIGNAL company installing in his home, or there was a third party contractor for the installation of the CIGNAL box. To make matters worse, he complained it to PLDT and in the end they promise to fix the bill.

But the same problem still happened once again. When the June bill arrived, it is still not been erased and he is still charged with PLDT with the same Triple Play bill in which he already addressed as an error last May. Does he really need to go every month to the PLDT office just to dispute their billing errors?


Talk about poor customer service, PLDT, is always been doing this all over again with their customers and they don’t even care about them. They have representatives calling all over again reminding customers about their monthly bill and in the end they are not even capable of delivering true service to the people. Not to mention the annoying telemarketers calling all over again asking for an upgrade but in the end they can’t even communicate properly with their partners or even a simple marking an “X” on the customer indicating that he is not interested for a service upgrade on their list.

This is a an indication of an incompetent company, that even given the amount of time to fix the issue still cannot resolve and passes the burden to their customers. Given the fact that PLDT had over a month to fix their database errors, and yet they cannot even solve the problem is a waste of time and money. No wonder why PLDT is struggling both internally with their service.

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