Recruitment firm overcharging fees resulted to loosing license


recruitment firm

Japhil 2000 International Agency Corp. license was canceled by POEA because of overcharging.

“Under POEA rules, a recruitment agency may charge and collect from its hired workers as placement fee an amount equivalent to one month salary of the worker, exclusive of documentation costs,” the POEA.

However, this is not the case of one OFW, Honey Lou Gian, earned only P8,000 a month and was being collected an amount of P21,100 by the said firm. Not only that, Gian also filed a complaint as the firm promised her a job as a cleaner in a hospital or hotel with P17,500 as montly salary. But when Gian arrived in Dubai, she was made to work as an on-call house cleaner earning 700 dirham a month.