The last time we talk about was that PLDT was holding hostage the internet. This time around, it seems that the telco giant is now going down with a huge net loss with revenues dropping to 2 percent during the semester.

The reason of its decline can be attributed to poor customer service. Consumers are now trying to find ways to look for better services and PLDT just can’t keep up with the pressure. As of now, they are slowly migrating their 3G and 4G/Long-Term Evolution networks with them enhancing network resiliency to ramp up their position.

According to their president, PLDT is expected to drag about 4-5 billion pesos this year. Compared to their competitor which is posting a positive growth.

Consumers are now switching to smart phones and gone are the days of analog signals with voice traffic as one of its driving force.

“Wireless and toll traffic have become vulnerable spots for PLDT due to the steady migration from voice traffic to data traffic as people are using less and less long distance and local (calls),” Pangilinan said.

With that out of the way, it can be attributed from the horses mouth that PLDT is in fact throttling speed and making it appear that they are “upgrading” their network facilities to keep in line with the current trends in network technology.

It makes sense, or is it another cover-up from PLDT of making it look like they are upgrading but in fact they don’t have to since they already know how to “fix” the situation. In the previous post, it is implied that PLDT is not actually taking a direct route but instead appear to have a middle-man in connecting through the internet and that is by through the Hong Kong Internet exchange.

We’ll it is pretty safe to assume that both points are valid, with the first one being the reason why PLDT has the crappiest service ever, and or they are holding the internet hostage with crawling data speeds.

It seems that the company is already experiencing their very own dosage of a bitter medicine down their throats.