Who is the Real Owner of PLDT?



Yes we all know who the real owner of PLDT and that is Manny V. Pangilinan. Right?

Wrong! In fact the real owner of PLDT is indeed Darth Vader. Seriously yes, it is owned by the Empire and Darth Vader is acting as the face of the corporation wearing a mask. With Emperor Palpatine controlling Vader as if it was his own puppet.

On a serious note, this lead me to the conclusion on the article I read about Rigoberto on his column on the Manila Times with regards to “The smartest investors. ….or the most valuable puppets?” It is a four part article about PLDT and how it is orchestrated carefully with an Indonesian tycoon mastermind using MVP as their poster boy for the company.

As per the Philippine constitution, foreign ownership requires 40% of foreign ownership. But it seems that MVP group of companies is run by an Indonesian tycoon named Anthoni Salim with MVP as his puppet.

That leads me to this comparison, that if PLDT can’t even show the true face of their owner, how much more this country can take a break from foreign companies looting “legally” the Philippine economy through their so called investments and monopolistic ideologies.

If we Filipinos are even afraid of having MVP as a monopolistic individual with his ownership of PLDT, TV5 and other media outlets, it is worse to know the truth that the so called “MVP group of companies” are foreign owned.

What a way to wake-up to the truth.  Slowly and surely, the MVP group of companies will slowly devour the entire Philippines with their own business.