Why Google is more important than Apple

Apple and Google
photo credit: www.unlockpwd.com

Tech blogger Ben Thompson wrote a very interesting article as the difference between Google and Apple. The blog sounds Google more interesting that put somehow an impression that it is more important than Apple.

Here are the difference summarized:

  1. What Apple are selling are very expensive, you still have to spend more to gain great user experience. However, Google is constantly looking for ways for people to stay connected to each other online without shelling too many bucks.
  2. Google has this mission to keep everyone connected. Thus, Google has this project called “Loon” to bring everyone to the internet. However, Apple doesn’t have any project that offers free service that even one up to now is having a hard time getting an iPhone 6.

Thompson concludes that Google has now chosen to work with — or at least on top of — Apple, by allowing its products to perform just as well on iPhone’s iOS operating system as they do on Android. Free computer services for everyone, in other words, regardless of the device you chose to buy.