Baby “Cry analyzer” for detecting health problems


Researchers at Brown University and Women infants hospital have developed a tool that analyzes a baby’s cry.

“Slight variations in cries, mostly imperceptible to the human ear, can be a ‘window into the brain’ that could allow for early intervention,” Brown University said.

The said tool willperform “finely tuned acoustic analyses of a baby’s cry.

Stephen Sheinkopf, one those who helped develop this new tool said that a baby’s cry contains subtle clues to their condition. He said that birth trauma or barin injuring that has occured during birth can haveon going medical effects.

The cry analyzer could break down recorded cries into 12.5 millisecond frames and can analyze each frame using at leat 80 parameters.

Barry Lester, director of Brown’s Center for the Study of Children at Risk and has studied baby cries for years, says that this research may trace the origin of the disorder Cri d chat (cry of the cat) syndrome way back in 1960’s.