Find out who’s the first volunteer for human head transplant on 2017

Valery Spiridonov
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A Russian nationality, who’s having a genetic muscle wasting disease, volunteered for the head transplant procedure. This 30-year old computer scientist volunteer will be the first person to be transplanted to a healthy body donor.

His name is Valery Spiridonov from Vladimir. He approached Dr. Sergio Canavero who claimed that head transplant is possible. According to Spiridonov, he won’t change his mind. Though he is afraid, he thinks its the only chance that can change his life as his condition is getting worst every year.

Dr. Canavero is set to do the procedure in US if he will be supported. If not, he is looking to have it done in China. He has already selected doctors, nurses, and staff to be part of the 36 hours operation.