Sun Cellular Gets Nasty, Throws Dirt with Competition


So definitely PLDT and their cohorts have started hitting below the belt with their competitors. This time around they are now throwing out even the most deadly trick on their playbook.

In a recent ad by Sun Cellular, they are coining the word “wonderful” as their latest moniker with their attacks.


In their recent TV commercial, it seems that they have included the president of Globe in the TV commercial uttering the word “Wonderful!!!”


If you take a closer look on the picture, it has the named “Ernest” written on it. Does it resemble to Globe’s current president Ernest Cu? And does the word “wonderful” came from Globe’s tag line?

Seriously Sun Cellular are you really that desperate to take down your competitor by using downright foul gameplay to bring the competition down? Do you really need to be that desperate just to make the competition look bad or to undercut there already promising services.

Which brings us to the question, is PLDT and Manny V. Pangilinan’s empire slowly crumbling down as they are now resolving to dirty tactics?

Does MVP really know what their people are doing right now? Bullying and harassing their competition by copying them? That leaves me to this article with Sun playing another devious ploy by making “sawsaw” with their own version of “Fly to Vegas for Madonna” concert. This is just another desperate move for a company already slowly going down the drain.

According to another blog post. PLDT has undergo tremendous organizational change many of which are offered early retirement schemes or in short “forcefully kicked” out old employees to make way for contractual employees.

So ask yourself this. Are you really going to use a service from a company that bashes their competitors? It clearly shows that their competition is continuously improving and that of Sun Cellular isn’t.

Which we leave you with this quote. “Desperate times need desperate measures”