Watch: Sarah G is on ‘The Glow’


Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo, with the other popular singers from Southeast Asia, joined the music video of the global Disney princess anthem “The Glow” which inspire self-belief and self-empowerment.

The music vidoe premiered yesterday on Disney Channel’s I am Princess Weekend.

According to Sarah, it was a surprise for her and that she feels the song really fits her. She can relate so much on the song as it reflects so much of her journey in becoming one of the top performers in the Philippines.

With Natasha Malhotra, GM for Branded Media and Content of The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia, “The Glow is a crown jewel in our Disney songbook, a song that truly reflects the qualities of a Disney princess. Through the song, we hope to inspire Filipino kids to believe in themselves, follow their dreams and recognize that true beauty comes from by being kind and compassionate just like their very own homegrown princess, the young, talented and beautiful Sarah.”

Sarah is very honored to be chosen to interpret The Glow with  Oranicha Krinchai from Thailand, Daiyan Trisha from Malaysia and Chilla Kiana from Indonesia.