Looking back on the worst natural disasters in 2013


2013 is tough for the people around the world has damaging disasters had waved houses and had taken lives of the many. Let’s look back on the worst disasters happened around the globe.


December 10 in Northern Europe – Storm Xaver took lives of 10 people

Storm Xaver


November in the Philippines – Typhoon Haiyan where over 6,000 people died and 1,800 are still missing

Typhoon Haiyan


October in Australia – Wildfires that burned 200+ homes



September in Pakistan – The Baluchistan earthquake that had taken the lives of 400+ people



September in China and Philippines – Typhoon Usagi took 25 people’s lives in China

typhoon usagi


September in Mexico – Floods in Mexico where 55 died and 750,000 people were stranded



August – Wildfires in Portugal where 5 people died

wildfires portugal


June in India – Floods resulted to 5,700 presumed dead

floods india


May in Oklahoma, US – Tornado calamity 24 lives of people have taken

tornado oklahoma


April in China – Sichuan earthquake resulted to 196 dead people

sichuan earthquake


February in Russia – A meteor crash injured 1,000 individuals

meteor russia