United Nations declares November 19 as ‘Word Toilet Day’


‘World Toilet Day’ Singapore diplomat, Mark Neo, suggests a ‘World Toilet Day’ to focus on proper sanitation.

During the UN General Assembly, the topic of having a World Toilet Day was being discussed in order to set eyes on a taboo problems of proper sanitation these days.

“I am sure there will be laughter among the press and the public when it is reported that the UN is declaring a World Toilet Day,” said Mark Neo during the assembly.

In fact, the World Toilet Organization has been observing the World Toilet Day since 2001. And it somehow shows that around 2.5 billion people around the world has no proper sanitation and around 1.1 billion people defecate in open areas. The WTO said that providing toilets could save 200,000 children each year.

UN Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson praised Singapore’s action. “Proper sanitation is a question of basic dignity,” Eliasson said.