FDA is sending another warning about counterfeit meds


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is sending a warning to the public about buying medicines over the internet. It is said that some of these products are counterfeit products.

“The FDA ha not yet issued any guideline on on-line sale or advertisement of pharmaceutical products,” the agency, under the Health department, posted on its website.

The investigation showed that labels of the counterfeit Centrum and Centrum Silver products differed from the FDA-registered products in the following ways:

a) The counterfeit products do not bear the FDA Certificate of Product Registration Number and do not contain the same formulation approved by the FDA.

b) The counterfeit products do not carry the complete name and address of the manufacturer and/or distributor as required by the FDA.

c) The font size of the generic name multivitamin + mineral does not conform to the labeling requirements of RA No. 6675, otherwise known as the Generics Law of 1988, which requires that the generic name should at least be one point size bigger than the brand name.