20 lawmakers signed for approval of legalizing marijuana


Marijuana plants are seen in an indoor cultivation in Montevideo December 6, 2013. REUTERS/Andres Stapff

The House Bill 4477 or the proposed “Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act” has been supported by 20 lawmakers. Representative Rodolfo Albano III has signed up as a co-author of the proposed bill.

According to Albano, “Right now, the bill has been backed by at least 20 lawmakers, and counting.  For the record, the measure would not decriminalize the sale and use of marijuana as this is intended for medical purposes,” Albano said.  “It is just a matter of explaining to them what the bill is all about,”

Furthermore, Zamora expressed that it is not the right time for the congress to be clarified about the medical benefits of marijuana.



(Manila Standard Today)