Disappearing Load Acts: Open Letter to Sun / SMART


One of our friends have asked anonymity and sent us this letter on behalf of SMART’s / SUN or PLDT’s Nakaw load. Reports have surfaced that many have experienced Nakaw Load and not only Smart’s network is going for its loyal subscribers but as well as for Sun user’s as well.
Open Letter to Smart or Sun

I have been a loyal Smart / Sun subscriber for 6 Years and since then it has been great dealing with you guys for the services you have offered us. But it seems that the amount of years have been going down with your network. There are useless spam messages that I get flooded and additionally the so called “NAKAW LOAD” that I have been hearing about.
It seems that I have experience this type of dilemma. Yesterday, November 27, I loaded 30 Pesos on my number, after which I just dialed *277# and after which I inquire for my balance and all I have was 22 Pesos.  The next time I checked it spiral down to 17 Pesos. Can you please enlighten me on this matter?
A Loyal Smart / Sun Subscriber

What do you think? As of now netizens have been able to relate with this problem and many of them have showed support by liking. You can also do this by signing the petition to end Smart / Sun Fair usage policy.