China can be swiped out easily by PH and Vietnam

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A former chief of US Pacific Command and Director of National Intelligence said that it would be impossible for China to defend itself in case they launch military action in Spratly Island.

“The Spratlys are 900 miles away from China, for God’s sake. Those things have no ability to defend themselves in any sort of military sense,” said Adm. Dennis Blair, who is now a director at the National Bureau of Asian Research, said in an interview with Wall Street Journal recently.

“If the Chinese were ever so foolish as to try to take any sort of actual military action from those islands, they’re completely indefensible militarily. Heck, the Philippines and the Vietnamese could put them out of action, much less us,” he added.

Over the recent months, China has made a really good progress on its reclamation putting up an artificial island.