COA discovered unaudited diamonds, silvers, golds, in gov’t treasury vault

Watched by First Lady Imelda Marcos (left), Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos (1917 - 1989) waves to supporters from a balcony of the Malacanang Palace in Manila after his self administered inauguration ceremony as victor in the Philippine Presidential elections, 25th February 1986. This was the last public appearance by Marcos and his family. Later in the evening they fled the palace aboard four American helicopters and were taken to Clarke Air Base enroute to exile in Hawaii. (Photo by Alex Bowie/Getty Images)
 Ferdinand Marcos
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The Commission on Audit (COA) found diamonds worth P2.1 million at the treasury vault. It also had 166 pieces of P1 silver coins, 412 pieces of different foreign currency coins, two gold watches which has faces of President Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Marcos, three gold pens, gold and silver coins.

The COA told the bureau to ensure the diamonds to cover replacement cost in case it is lost.