VICTORY: Congratulations Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao! PLDT Down on the Canvass

Punches Landed on Both Fighters

Manny Pacquiao Wins! PLDT Down on the Canvass

Manny Pacquiao Sealed his win and settled who is the best in the ring, as he manages to pounds Bradley with huge power pack punches. Even though Bradley tries to knock hard Pacquiao, but still to no avail. This win proves to be a testament with their first Pacquiao vs. Bradley win, making the first fight’s decision unaccounted for due to the fact that it was a fight meant for Pacquiao. Cheers to Pacquiao and Boo for PLDT for making the connection as sluggish as ever. Better yet go for a real live stream than be left behind with PLDT’s super slow connection.

Again congrats Pacquiao for you have once again made the Philippines proud as ever! And PLDT continue to improve your services.