Househelper robs a taxi, got idea from TV

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A househelper, Nilven Lazaro, is need for money to pay for a hearing aid. She got the idea of robbing a taxi from the TV. She said that she thought it was just easy to rob a taxi since there are a lot of news flash about taxi robbery.

Lazaro boarden the taxi driven by Jaime Jaucian at Lacson Street in Manila around 4:00 p.m. She told the driver to have her brought to Ayala Heights in Barangay Old Balara. When past by Daily Supermart, she pulled the knife and pointed to the driver declaring a hold-up. The driver tried to deflect the knife, a rough fight took place, that left them both wounded.

QCPD-Project 4 caught their attention and had Lazaro arrested after Jaucian told what happened.

Lazaro has an ID with her that shows she is currently employed. The authorities will still have to check the identity of her employeer.