How PLDT / SMART’s is Deceiving Their Users in Signing for an Unlimited Service


As a responsible consumer, make sure to always read the fine print whenever you are trying to subscribe on something. One of the most common problem that many users experience is they tend to forget to read the fine print. Most of the time it occurs with credit cards or subscription fees that you have to pay on a monthly basis.

Don’t fall for the old usual business talk made by sales persons with their sweet yet deceitful information and lies just to sell their products. Although there are some good companies out there, but there are also some who are just trying to sell you out of nothing. One common example of deception is Smart Bro’s fair usage policy.

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What makes this deceiving is the fact that this so called plan or subscription is making users a fool of themselves. Here’s what makes it deceiving. First things first, it is stated here that “the subscriber will still be able to enjoy unlimited access to the Internet, but at a lower speed”.

Albeit almost everyone who hears the word “UNLIMITED” will have an idea that they are getting unlimited access. But what’s with the capping? PLDT and SMART are notorious for speed capping in which once you reach the amount of downloaded allocation that has been provided for you, the company will automatically throttle your speed to a crawl.

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It is clearly stated on their website that it is “UNLIMITED” not throttled. Up until now many users fall for this type of “fine print” in which they are paying for what they think they want and end up being scammed. If you want to change the way SMART / PLDT is running this show, you can sign up for a petition here.