Mayor in Bulacan sentenced for a 12-year imprisonment


Mayor in Bulacan sentenced for a 12-year imprisonment

Collecting road fees in the Philippines has never been new to drivers, private nor non-private. These collecting of fees has also brought dilemmas to traveler especially to trucks transporting goods from places to places.

In Bulacan province, the former mayor Edmundo Jose T. Buencamino was sentenced for a 12-year imprisonment after allegedly collecting fees on those trucks passing through the area. Buencamino’s case involved two graft conviction.

The first graft conviction was when Buencamino imposed a P1,000 fee for every truck crossed at the municipality that was operated by Rosemoor Mining and Development Corporation (RMDC). The second was impounding of two RMDC trucks after drivers failed to pay P1,000 fee.

Since there were no legal basis for imposing such fees, the mayor was sentenced for six years imprisonment and additional eight years in prison for the two graft charges.