PLDT’s “MRP” is A Deceitful Way of Firing Employees


pldt-mrp-retrenchedThe Philippine Long Distance Company of axing its employees in a week’s notice is a perfect example of what the company is as a whole. PLDT’s so call “manpower reduction program (MRP) by showing an example by reducing three senior executives in their list of employees.

According to them, the MRP has been done for several years and PLDT has offered tenured to employees for those who have work for them for five to ten years.

In a nutshell, PLDT is using this so called “MRP” as a devious ploy to give “senior” employees the boot. If you take a look at it at a different perspective, you can actually see PLDT trying to axe their regular employees and look for a hyper-active fresh graduate who will always agree of a small starting salary and be a contractual employee for life.

I have a family friend of mine who has been working for PLDT in the last 20 years, and yes, the MRP is true, they have been offered early retirement plans but I never knew there was an offer as  short as 5 years. Life is tough in the Philippines, and PLDT’s MRP  program is a smart tactic to throw off an employee of the rails. Think of it, if the company has more contractual workers compared to their regulars, they can easily save the company fortunes.

According to reports, PLDT’s net income has decline by 3% from PHP 38.72 B to PHP 37.41 B in 2014. And is forecasted to even worsen to PHP 35 B this 2015.

From a business view point, this is PLDT’s way of politely saying to its employees that they need to choose contractual employees from here on now. Could PLDT’s business process and internal management be a great factor why their revenues are falling? We’ll if you take a look of it the answer is a resounding YES.  No wonder why their services continue to fail. If the internal management can’t handle their human resources properly, then they might have just many disgruntled employees without a security of their work.