Poe’s volunteers owns up for the mistake in uploading the speech video

Grace Poe
photo credit: rappler.com

A video clip uploaded by Leon Flores, who is a former chair of the National Youth Commission and co-convenor of the Good Governance Pilipinas or GoGracePoe, has written a letter of acknowledge to ABS-CBN news airing his full responsibility regarding the error made which spread through the social media.

In the letter, he said:

“I sought out the interview from Nueva Ecija because somehow I got a feeling that the words from Sen. Grace Poe were just taken out of context. I was able to get hold of a clip and uploaded it on our group’s YouTube account, Good Governance Pilipinas (GoGracePoe). GGP is a volunteer citizen-led group supporting Sen. Poe and egging her to run. We were lead and co-organizers of the #TakboNaPoe event last Aug. 16.”

“I was uploading the interview video clip while I was in the middle of a speech contest yesterday. At first I titled it ‘Full video…’ thinking that it was. I shared it on FB and asked others to share as well too.

“I asked for a transcript of the video thereafter and that was when I realized that it was only a partial clip.

“So I changed the title right away to ‘Clip of Grace Poe…’ on our YouTube channel. Apparently when the FB post gets shared and reposted, it retains the original title ‘Full clip..’. Not much of a techie but my hunch is that it is a mere technological limitation.


“Second, it was my intention to be transparent about the whole transcript so I also posted it wholly on the video description. This effort to clarify things for Sen. Grace Poe and to seek out the clip was borne out of the request of some GP supporters (and yes even questions from the other camp).

“I also wish to clarify that while I do know Brian Poe, her son, he has nothing to do with our actions. GGP is a group of willing, eager, and able volunteers who believe in Senator Grace Poe. If you wish to know us more, we will be happy to have coffee with you soon. I hope this clarifies the issue on the video. All other issues pertaining to the INC case, you may officially seek from Mam Poe’s office.”