Students may soon file complains against drivers who does not give fare discounts



House Bill 5068, “An Act institutionalizing the grant of student fare discount privileges on public transportation and for other purposes”, is seeking to provide 20 percent fare discount to students during schools days.

The House of Representatives is passing on the third reading to impose this law and also impose penalties for drivers who do not give discounts to students.

In cases a student is denied of the said discount, he or she may file a complaint to Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board for land transportation, Maritime Industry Authority for water or sea travel, Civil Aeronautics Board for air transporation, Department of Transportation and Communications legal service for rail transit systems, and the local chief executives for tricycles.

What are the penalties that drivers may incur not abiding this student’s fare discount?

The following penalties will be imposed:

For land public transportation:
* a one to three-month suspension from first to third offense for the drivers,
* a three-month suspension and a P1,000 penalty on subsequent offenses,
* and a P1,000 fine on the owner or operator of the transportation facility;

For sea travel:
* P5,000 for a first offense,
*P10,000 for a second offense,
* and P20,000 for a third offense for the owner, operator and its employees, with an additional P10,000 on top of the penalty for subsequent offenses;

For rail transit systems:
* P1,000 for a first offense,
* P5,000 for a second offense,
*and P10,000 for a third offense,  with an additional P5,000 on top of the penalty for subsequent offenses.