Three MMDA wish list



Because of the very heavy traffic in Metro Manila everyday, MMDA is hoping that they can get these three wish list for the benefit of the commuters.

1. A four-day work week for government employees. One day less means less electricity and water consumed (they go to the toilet six times a day!), and every seat on the train and bus that they don’t occupy means fewer passengers queuing up, being squeezed in.

2. A staggered schedule for Ateneo and Miriam: 7 a.m. for high school, 9 for elementary, 10 for college. (Uh uh, this is okay until parents start buying an extra car to accommodate the new scheme.)

3. Car-pooling among friends, minus strangers with bad manners, body odor, criminal records. MMDA’s weapon is a new app that makes sure only friends get into your car.