Yolanda survivors challenged PNOY to go to Tacloban City


Tacloban City

With the upcoming commemoration of the first year of super typhoon Yolanda, the survivors urge President Aquino to attend the national survivors conference. However, President Aquino chose not to attend the said memorial that will be on November 8.

“President Aquino, face the music and face the people whom you have ignored, forsaken, and insulted here in Yolanda Ground Zero. Prove that we are indeed your ‘Boss’, and hold yourself accountable to the unified, national demands of victims of your criminal neglect,” People Surge chairperson Dr. Efleda Bautista said.

On that day, there will be a lot of different organizations that will commemorate the anniversary of the massive destruction brought by the Super typhoon Yolanda. Protest will also be expected demanding justice for the victims.