IP peering proposal rejected by PLDT


Previously, Ayala-owned operator Globe Telecom backed the NTC’s arrangement to set up a domestic IP peering policy. With this, service is degraded with longer IP peering in view of the fact that data will pass internationally prior to its target destination.

PLDT filed a disagreement to a planned communication circular on IP peering course of action drafted by the NTC. The disagreement states that government group who is in-charge of Internet exchange might not be competent of keeping up safety measures plus service excellence.

PLDT alleged gripping Internet service providers to hook up by means of a single Internet exchange as wished-for by NTC possibly will build a restricted access that can get in the way rather raising ISPs service quality.

“This is a case where the proposed solution may just compound the problem,” said Ramon R. Isberto, PLDT head for public affairs.

On the memo, it states that all ISPs shall be mandated to bond amid the IP exchange of DOST-ASTI with reverence its domestic Internet traffic.

Souce: GMA Network (http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/229056/scitech/pldt-rejects-ip-peering-proposal-of-ntc-globe)