Arum on Pacquiao, “…fighter who doesn’t quit”

Mayweather and Pacquiao
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The Philippine boxing champion’s endorser, Bob Arum, did say something about Manny Pacquiao as a person, how Pacquiao reflects the Philippines and the Filipinos.

During the prefight conference held in Los Angeles, California, Arum shared a little bit of a history about Pacquiao and the Philippines.

“Growing up as a young boy, I remember the Philippines for their graciousness and kindness. I remember the horrible time during the holocaust where the doors of most countries of the world were closed to those fleeing the holocaust, including this country. The doors in the Philippines were not only open but welcoming. And they took in thousands of refugees fleeing the holocaust on the order of the president of the Philippines, [Manuel] Quezon. So we know the graciousness and kindness of Filipinos exemplified by this man, Manny Pacquiao, who gives fortunes away supporting charities in the Philippines, whether it’s founding hospitals, schools, building churches, supplying fishermen with motors so they can increase their catches, getting out to the deep water quicker. But like those Philippine warriors, he has a fierceness about him that most Filipinos have, a toughness. He is a fierce fighter who doesn’t quit, who gives his all and will bring his best on May 2nd,” Arum said.

Arum highlighted the sense of having the “graciousness and kindness” of the Filipinos that’s truly vivid which is very evident to Pacquiao.