1,058 shortlisted candidates for Mars received an email…


Mars One has now an initial list of candidates to undergo the first round of testing for the final list of the first batch to take the one way trip to Mars.

With its mission to build a human settlement on to the red planet, the committee involved in this project listed several factors to consider. And, one committee has considered an attribute that is kind of a particular.

“We selected people for the most important skill: their ability to function in a team,” Bas Lansdorp, co-founder and CEO of Mars One.

Those who are shortlisted received an email that reads:

It’s time to talk with your loved ones regarding your dream of starting a human civilization on Mars. Passing the first round of selection is a major step closer to going down in history as one of the chosen few who will experience and live something that has never been done before.

(HuffPost Science)