Are You Really Paying for Your Internet SPEED?


PLDT has done it again, this time around, gamers have problem connecting with their gaming accounts, with them unable to connect with servers for their favorite game. Some connections have general failure and some cannot be reach. Although Yolanda’s fury has affected many parts of the Visayas region, SMART and PLDT have already assured that they already have repaired most of their satellite and transmitters.


But it seems that those people who are living in Cebu, still cannot get a decent connection with some of their services. Please note that Cebu City is not directly hit by the typhoon, but their DSL connection is quite thin and doesn’t guaranteed the fast service that their subscribers are actually paying for.

What’s even worse, subscribers for SmartBro, cannot even cancel their connections due to the fact that their are locked in to their account. The one thing that SMART is keeping their FUP from their customers is the fact it may be illegal in some sense. Their fine print doesn’t show clearly. Or are they just hiding it so that nobody would notice? Well your best bet will be that Smart / PLDT are regulating this so called download speed.


One user even managed to compare their rival Globe from a SPEEDTEST that is equivalent. The result is dramatic, and SMART / PLDT end up being egged out when it comes to speed. For those of you who have problems with slow connections, it is best that you make the switch now or contact their customer service regarding on the speed. Remember you get what you paid for and not just for some super slow connection that you get frustrated or the deceptive Terms and Conditions.