PLDT Loses Ground on Telco Infrastructure


In the previous post, PLDT has already seen itself crashing down the drain. The Makati based company being known for its deliberate speed throttling, and epic turtle speed service is once again in the spotlight. This time around, the profitable PLDT owned by First Pacific Co. fell a 12 percent margin in the second quarter compared to its rivals Globe Telecom which posted a 16 percent growth.

PLDT’s dwindling sales can be attributed to their poor customer service and slow adoption rate of new telecommunication infrastructure. With some users already making the big leap to their rival company which adopted to social networking -a trend where consumers are making a difference in terms of communication.

Another thing worth mentioning is that consumers can now file a complaint with DTI with their slow internet service. However, you can only do so, if you happen to have a wired connection. That means, if you are connecting via 3G or 4G, you cannot file a complaint. Which makes this rule, pretty much useless as complaints will just stack in the DTI’s office without any further actions made by them.

This was expressed in dismay by Senator Bam Aquino, in which the NTC always fail to reprimand big players like PLDT with their internet infrastructure to being slow and alleged “rerouting” of internet traffic to Hong Kong.

Although this ruling is a wake-up call for PLDT, there is still much to do with the country’s falling Internet speed.