PLDT Subscriber Beast Mode On



Since time and again PLDT has already fooled their customers numerous times with their so called high-speed service. But at the end of the day the consumers are the true losers of this so called “scam” of their service.

Which leads us to this particular Facebook user Owhen Ranger who sent his frustrations online. The video became an instant hit as he described his PLDT experience. From having a slow internet connection to lack of customer service training, Owhen has said it all.

You can check out his video below.

His video has hit 300,000 viewers as of the moment and it definitely best describes the current situation of the country’s dire ISP situation.

As of writing, PLDT is currently the worse ISP provider in the country based on the numerous facts presented by various Facebook users and bloggers.

Up until now, PLDT continues to strive as the Philippines flagship carrier of having the worse customer service ever.