PLDT’s WTF Moment! Throttling Torrent Speed


Many users have been babbling about with regards to PLDT’s ubber slow with their internet connection. The last time we talked about PLDT’s problem was their deceiving tactics that they employ with their subscribers like the super slow connection by marketing you with their upgraded 3MBPS plan, but in the end there’s no change.

Well, this time around, another disappointment struck again with PLDT, this time around throttling with their internet speed most especially TORRENT downloads. For those of you who are not familiar what are torrents are,  just think of it as a file distribution system that contains all the meta data about files and folder distributable. Also, there are network locations, that help participant computers find each other in a form of efficient distribution group.

The problem started after Christmas with much of user dismayed by the fact of the super slow torrent speeds.  Many users have argued that PLDT is also implementing the so called THROTTLING SPEED. In which SPEED of many torrent users have drastically changed. Some have claimed that their speeds have go down from the usual 350KBPS down to 20-40KBPS.  Up until now, PLDT has not yet fixed this issue and continues to disappoint their users.

You can check out the following threads below and see for yourself how PLDT is actually not doing anything about this problem!

PLDT Throttle Speed