Proposed telecom service by San Miguel blocked by Subictel


San Miguel submitted a proposition to NTC to put up wi-Tribe at Subic Bay Freeport Zone. However, Subictel (subsidiary Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co) requested to deny the request.

Subictel expressed that it is unnecessary to put up a duplication of facilities that is of no further use to the community. And that also they (wi-Tribe) should put up somewhere else where telecommunication is needed.

“Subictel has invested so much capital on its facilities and equipment and has built up sufficient capacity to meet the requirements of current and future customers in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It has outside plant facilities of over 95 percent of their service areas, excepting only the uninhabited forested mountain areas. As the records of this Honorable Office will confirm, Subictel alone has invested about P700 million on telecommunication equipment, facilities and infrastructure in [Subic],” the PLDT subsidiary said.

“There is really nothing new that wi-Tribe can offer in terms of technology since the facilities and services offered by Subictel are already state-of the-art,” the company said.

“Considering the very limited market in the area, the entry of new players throws off all projections, which will definitely affect the viability of Subictel. It will necessarily be deprived of expected profits to have a fair return of its investment, which this Honorable Office should not allow to happen,” the company added.