SmartBro Experiment – Yolanda is Faster than Smart


In the past few days we’ve talked about how PLDT can throttle down your internet connection without you ever noticing it? We’ll it seems that this problem also exists on SMART bro connections as well. It may not be new to all of you, but for some who are paying their 999 PHP plan, it does matter most considering you are not getting the service you always have wanted.

So we’ve devised a little experiment and how it fares out, for one week we’ve tried to do a speed test and check out their speed. The same server has been used to make it constant without being biased on the connection speed. The first was set on December 2, and to our surprise, we got a 0.15 MPBS speed. Well not bad, its worse!.


The second was done on December 5, and well it pretty much worsen to 0.03 MPBS really SMART BRO?


The third and last test was done on December 7, and guess what? It was still the same capping in at 0.06 MBPS, way to go SMART.


After the speed test was done, we’ve finally decided to call “SMART SCARES” customer hotline, and yes it was a horrendous experience. Their customer support was full of BS lies, and all they have to say is sorry. I guess sorry is now a magical word. Just like Napoles, “HINDI KO ALAM!” bakit nagbagsak ung speed. Great customer service for a network who considers themselves as the largest telco in the Philippines. More like, the slowest network.

Another thing to note is the fact, it is not only just us who have experience this kind of throttling, slow speed madness that PLDT is getting us through, but rather there are many users who also are experiencing the same thing. Cutting your subscription with the SMART BRO contact will just involve lawyers suing you, where’s the justice? It does say in the TERMS OF AGREEMENT that we consumers get unlimited service but due to the CAP, we’ll all seems lost. Just frustrated, being ripped off!


And guys, you can sign the petition for SMART BRO CAP and SLOW SPEED.