Viber App will be banned in Saudi Arabia


Viber was said to be ‘frustrated’ about Saudi Arabia plans on banning the web-based mesenger application.

“We’re really frustrated… [with] what the Saudi Arabia government has done. It was a very sad day,” Talmon Marco, chief executive officer at Viber, said in a briefing in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

The use of Viber has been suspendedby the Saudi Arabia’s Communications and Information Technology Commission following the application’s failure to comply with the regulatory rules.However, the Saudi Arabia regulator did not specify which amongst the rules Viber has failedto comply with.

Marco even noted that there was a ‘marginal decrease’ in the usage of Viber in the Philippines following the ban, given that there is a huge population of Filipinos in Saudi Arabia.

But he noted “realistically speaking, most of the traffic we see in Viber is in the same country or same city.”