Celebrating New Year 2013 with Fireworks From All Over The World


fireworks2012 has finally ended and to welcome 2013 with a blast and most of the time we Filipinos tend to celebrate New Year’s eve by spending on fireworks that can be easily bought in the streets. While some may have considered playing with fireworks as a tradition, others still prefer the old traditional ways of celebrating the New Year by using “Kalderos” and “spoons”.

One thing that Filipinos will mostly like to spend during the New year is preparing food like Noche Buena. Most of the time these include Lechon, pancit, biko are being prepared, related to superstitious beliefs that they bring good fortune.

Another part of the fun during New Year’s day is the fact of getting ready with 12 round fruits, each to signify the twelve months in the calendar year. Most of the time these round fruits includes, grapes, oranges, watermelon, pomelo and the like. The real challenge is finding circular fruits.

Whatever you spend the New Year alone or with your family, thereĀ  are things that are always present when it comes to the New Year and that is food and fireworks. And speaking of fireworks, we have gathered here pictures of firework displays found all over the world.

Check out the pictures below and tell us what you think of them.

Fireworks in FRANCE


Fireworks in JAPAN


Fireworks in LONDON


Fireworks in NEW ZEALAND


Fireworks in PHILIPPINES


Fireworks in RUSSIA


Fireworks in SYDNEY HARBOR


Fireworks in TAIPEI

Fireworks go off from Auckland's Sky Tower

Fireworks in TOKYO


Fireworks in UNITED STATES

United States-fireworks

Fireworks in WASHINGTON


Article Source: Pinterest.com

Photo Credits : WashingtonPost.com, IDesigniPhone.com, RaspberryTart.Tumblr.com, Weheartit.com