Fanged deer was discovered after 66 years


fanged deer

Wildlife Conservattion Society – A Kashmir musk deer was seen by scientists in the northeastern part of Afghanistan. The said fanged deer was one specie that has not been seen over the past 66 years since 1948. It is one of the endangered specie in Asia due to habitat lost and because of those hunters hunting them.

Only the male musk have fangs. These fangs are use to battle mates during breeding season.

With the recent discover of the 2-feet musk deer, WCS Deputy Director of Asia Programs Peter Zahler said that the organization is hoping for that ‘that conditions will stabilize soon to allow WCS and local partners to better evaluate conservation needs of this species.”

The survey team encountered five sightings of the deer. They said it was difficult for them to spot and that they were unable to get them on camera.