Women empowerment, a call for disaster risk reduction

Women empowerment disaster risk reduction
photo credit: thebetterindia.com


In any kind of disaster, there is always a woman who is at risk. Women are more exposed to any disasters as they are the one who are most at home, making health care of a sick family member and/or taking care of youngsters. With that scenario, a lot women die from disasters because they are trapped inside their house, unable to escape.

In the recent UN conference on disaster risk reduction in Japan, the meeting calls for gender equality and women empowerment.

According to the UN Population Fund account executive Lamar Dawson, women are 14 times that are prone to die than men during any disasters. And, Helen Clark of United Nations Development Programme is calling for policymakers to work with improving women in the society. That there is a need now for gender equality and giving women the empowerment.

The conference is said to run until on Wednesday. This is a good start to all women, not just in Japan, but around the globe, the equal treatment that any human deserves to have.